General Insurance

General Insurance – covers events that may or may not happen, such as accident, fire or theft, as opposed to life assurance, which covers an event that will definitely happen sooner or later, such as retirement or death.

The aim of taking out any insurance policy is to compensate you following a loss so that you are, in general, as well off – but no better off – than you were before the loss occurred.

The following products are all different categories of General Insurance:

  • Home Insurance
  • Contents Insurance
  • ASU (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment)
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover – With accident, sickness & unemployment (ASU) policies, you pay for an amount of monthly cover – usually between £0 and £1,500 – and if you lose your job or can’t work, you get that amount of money each month to spend how you like. Policies usually pay out for up to a year or until you return to work, whichever happens first. It also usually pays a cash lump sum if you die or become disabled during the policy.

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