Education Cover

Education Covermake sure your children can still fulfil their potential even if something happens to you.

All parents want their children to fulfil their potential but this usually costs money.  When you include things like extra curricular activities and school trips, it can cost almost £1,200 a year to send a child to a state secondary school.  Private school fees and university fees cost a lot more.

Education is expensive and according to PruProtect Education Cover Brochure…..

  • It can cost almost £1,200 a year to send a child to state secondary school
  • The average private school now costs parents £4,186 a term, taking inflation into account, that means a child starting private school now aged 5, would cost their parents £235,000 in fees by the time they reach 18
  • School have gone up by 30% over the last five years
  • The government has raised tuition fees for 2012/2013 to a maximum of £9,000 a year
  • A student starting university can expect to leave with a debt of around £25,000

Education CoverIs designed to make sure that your children don’t have to miss out on any part of school life, even if something happens to you.  If you die we’ll pay a range of benefits for each child on your plan to help cover the costs of their education. You can even choose cover that will pay if you become seriously ill.

Here’s how Education cover can help:

It can give your family regular payments to cover school costs – Every school term will pay your family £750 for every child covered to help need the cost of things like uniforms, books and school trips.  It means they don’t have to miss out on the things that make up everyday school life.

A payment of £1,000 Star Award if your child excels a an activity – If your child excels at an activity, for instance if they reach grade 8 in a musical instrument, get a gold Duke of Edinburgh Award or are picked for a national sports team, a one-off payment of £1,000 Star Award can be paid (per child) to help nurture their talent.

Payment of fees if your child goes on to further or higher education – If your child goes on to university the cost of tuition fees are covered.  You won’t have to worry about your family getting into debt if your child wants to carry on studying.  Fees for other qualifications like certificates or diplomas of higher education can also be covered.  There is a maximum currently £9,000.  If the government increases tuition fees this maximum will go up too.

Even if your child doesn’t go on to further or higher education they can still be supported after they turn 18 – Even if your child doesn’t go on to university or further education, you can still get £3,000 every year for three years.  This money can help pay for personal development, things like evening classes or specialist training or just give them a little extra support as they start their career.

A payment for private school fees – if you choose a Private School Option it an pay private school fees.  You can choose to cover day fees of boarding fees.  A maximum of £10,000 per child, per term.

Ensure your benefits keep up with rising school costs – the costs of education are rising all the time so a review of benefits each school year is reviewed to make sure you’re always covered for the right amount.  If it is necessary to increase your cover then your premiums will increase to reflect that.

Extra family support if your child falls ill – If your child is hospitalised for more than 10 days while payment of education cover is in place or if they miss more than 20 consecutive days of school because of illness, a on-off payment of £1,000 of school absence benefit can be paid.  Your family can use this towards treatment or extra tuition.

If you have Education Cover you can get free Serious Illness Cover for your child too.  This means that if they fall seriously ill a lump sum can be paid to help your family cope.

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