Private Medical Insurance

We are unable to provide you with advice in this area however we can introduce you to an authorised and regulated Financial Adviser who can provide you with specialist advice.

Private Medical Insurance – sometimes called PMI, private healthcare or private health cover – gives you the reassurance of knowing that, should the need arise, you and your family will enjoy medical treatment privately, without waiting for the NHS to treat you. Private medical insurance works in the same way as any other insurance – it’s based on managing the risk of unforeseen events. You pay your premium, either in instalments or in one lump sum, so that if you fall ill you’ll be able to receive any eligible medical treatment privately – avoiding any potential NHS waiting lists. Think of it as peace of mind.

Private health insurance could be right for you if you want…

  • Prompt treatment
    Private health insurance gives you and your family prompt access to the treatment covered by your plan.
  • A wide choice of hospitals and specialists
    Our health insurance cover offers a choice of when you are treated and the hospital you are treated in, with access to over 24,000 specialists / consultants.
  • Comfortable, private facilities
    If you need to be admitted into hospital for treatment, private health insurance typically means you’ll benefit from excellent facilities – for example, most of our network of over 250 quality assessed Hospitals offer private en-suite rooms with TV, telephone and radio.