Whole of Life Cover

Whole of Life – Life cover that lasts as long as you need it

You may not need as much life cover once you’ve retired or paid off your mortgage but the need for cover doesn’t necessarily end entirely.

When you die, your spouse could still be faced with a drop in income – if they depend on your pension, for instance and they might have immediate costs to think about.  For example, the average funeral now costs £2,500.00.  If your estate is worth more than £325,000.00 when you die, your beneficiaries might have to pay some Inheritance Tax under current tax rules.

Whole of Life Cover is Life Cover that last for as long as you need it so you can be reassured that no matter what happens in your life you will be covered.

Here’s how Whole of Life Cover helps:

You can guarantee your loved ones a lump sum when you die – There is no maximum term for Whole of Life Cover.  It pays out a lump sum whenever you die so you can be sure you’ll leave something behind for your loved ones.

You can cover the Inheritance Tax your loved one might have to pay – You can use Whole of Life Cover to insure against any Inheritance Tax your family have to pay on your estate.  So when you die your cover takes care of the tax bill and your loved ones get everything you leave behind.

For couples who want to use Whole of Life cover in this way, we offer a joint Life Second Death policy.  It means that we cover two people and only pay out the lump sum after both of them have died.

You can help your loved ones pay their bills – Even if there is no Inheritance Tax to pay on your estate, the lump sum could help your family in other ways.  For instance it could help towards funeral costs and other immediate expenses.

It can also help your dependants with longer term living costs if they rely on your pension.  For example you may have built up your own pension rather than getting a guaranteed pension from an employer.  If this is the case the amount it pays your family might be much less after you die.  A lump sum from your Whole of Life cover can help make up for the shortfall and give your dependents peace of mind that they’ve got some extra money to help cover the bills.

Or you could just leave your family a gift – Lots of people want to leave something for their family to enjoy.  So the lump sum could just be a gift for your loved ones.  Your children could use it to pay off their mortgage or put it towards the cost of your grandchildren’s education.


  • The Financial Conduct Authority does not provide oversight of taxation or inheritance tax planning. Levels and basis of taxation may change and are dependent on personal circumstances.


  • The plan will have no cash in value at anytime, and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.

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